work with us

We do things that we believe in. Things that engage us. Things that inspire us. In contexts where we can make a contribution with our knowledge, energy, and willingness to change things – on both a small and large scale. Because that is exactly what we want – to help change the world. And our experience tells us this is possible.

Change begins with you and me consciously changing ourselves at a fundamental level, our choices, actions and thoughts, and realizing that we are all a part of the whole. We seek to maintain this holistic, conscious and long-term approach in everything we do. Want to join us on this journey? Your personal journey – and the one we share!

what we do

We lead meetings involving anything from 2 to 200 people. We moderate, facilitate, coach or develop new approaches together with you and your colleagues.

We help others create by leading brief processes using proven methods from our own toolbox or new ones that we develop together with you and your colleagues.

We create meeting places that bridge boundaries – at schools, at workplaces, at destinations. These can be anything from a festival or farmers’ market to a concept development process.

We train tomorrow’s heroes at colleges and universities in entrepreneurship, development, project management and destination development.

We lead new and established project groups towards clear objectives over periods ranging from months to years.

We always work with the individual, the group and the destination, regardless of whether our specific focus is the individual, group or destination.

How we do it

Through experience-based learning: We teach ourselves and others by meeting, conversing, being curious and creating together.

Through entrepreneurship: By means of our presence and open questions, we generate the space in which trust can be developed in yourself and others and where individuals are afforded the opportunity to bring their entrepreneurship to life. We focus deliberately on entrepreneurship.

Through activity: we have only one body, an amazing, interactive unit – and it wants to feel good.

Through reflection: We ask questions that enable reflection and consideration, allowing in-depth change to take place.