We are Laja

A different perspective

We are Experience Designers and Business Developers offering a different perspective on meetings and business innovation.

We know how to invite people to co-create, taking them beyond the concept of roles, form and structure. With inspiration from Design Thinking, we create innovation processes using scientifically proven methods and tools.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. To us it is a holistic concept that only becomes authentic when you truly know what it means to you and your organisation and when you act in accordance with your knowing.
Only then will you truly be making a difference.


We design meetings that go beyond the expected. Meetings hosted by We are Laja are authentic, inclusive and efficient. This optimizes your investment and ensures long-term results.

Business Innovation

We transform your business by enabling it to make the leap from EGO to ECO and from ME to WE. Business innovation processes facilitated by We are Laja are creative, collaborative and fun - and creates economic, social and cultural value.


Upcoming events

Laja Breakfast Club is an interactive online meeting room for competence development in the fields of sustainable business innovation and meeting design. During a one hour online session a guest shares his or her knowledge on a specific topic. You meet people from a wide range of sectors and it is a great way to start your day with new learnings and ease.

Innovations are a result of relationships and right now, maybe more than ever, we need new perspectives to help us outcreate the challenges of today and the future. During this one day education you will learn new tools and methodologies to create sustainable business models together with tour team.

Would you like to learn more about networking, concept development and co-creation? Would you like to get access to tools that enable you to create life and business in a more holistic and sustainable way? a la Varberg is an inspirational show about dreams and visions, entrepreneurship and the power of co-creation.