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We are Laja creates meeting places in the intersection between the physical and the digital space. Located in our own Happy Place in Varberg, you find Anna and Lovisa. Johanna is our digital nomad who can be found either at Gotland, in the Swiss alps or along the Portuguese coastline. Together we create hybrid meetings where the border between the physical and the digital space fades out.

Lovisa Jacobsson
Business Innovator

Lovisa is heading We are Laja with a safe and strong hand. She is the one who is on top of all the numbers and combines her analytical side with a unique capacity to be present with what is.

When not working in We are Laja, Lovisa explores the food industries by developing marketing concepts for food destinations and enabling small food businesses to co-create.

She is the co-founder of the harvest festival Farmers Market, attracting 5000+ people yearly. This is her playground where new ideas are tested and she gets to create beyond what her mind thinks possible.

There is also a new baby in the making. She is called Roadtrip i Sverige and will be top of mind of everyone interested in start-ups the coming year. Stay tuned!

M: +46 (0)70 665 32 43

Anna Linton
Creative Director

Anna is our trendspotter, storyteller and dream realizer that turns complex sustainability challenges into new business ideas. When working with Anna, anything is possible.

Anna is passionate about nature, people, food & music and adds a creative spirit to everything we do. She always involves our clients in the creative process and makes sure everyone feels welcome and important.

Anna is the co-founder of Roadtrip i Sverige, the well-known harvest festival Farmers Market and the initiative Ett mjukare Varberg aiming to raise awareness about mental illness and how we can all contribute to creating a softer climate and supporting kids growing up in a digital world. Stay soft. Always.

M: +46 (0)70 390 53 35

Johanna Skantze
Sales & Opportunities

Johanna is a connector of magnitude and spots business opportunities in most people she meets. She is a digital nomad spending winters in Verbier and summers in Sweden and Portugal. Her curiosity in combination with the ability to sense the unsaid enables her to take clients beyond the obvious in development processes.

Johanna invests a lot of energy into exploring the field of personal development and applies this knowledge in all projects. With a unique combination of strategic intelligence and practical experience she sees possibilities and room for innovation where others see obstacles.

Johanna is a co-founder of InnSaei Academy and co-creator of Life of Magic.

M: +46 (0)70 692 45 42