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For more than 15 years we have been working in the crossroads between the public, private and academic sector. We have encountered numerous people in Sweden and abroad, all having at least one thing in common: they are passionate about what they are doing and they are dedicated to making a difference in their respective fields. Do you recognize yourself? Join us in Laja Breakfast Club!

How does it work?

When: 8.45 AM to 9.45 AM

Where: the online meeting service Zoom. You can be wherever you like in the world, as long as you have decent internet. You will receive instructions on how to download and use Zoom in advance.

How: We are Laja facilitates an online meeting session that allows you as a participant to learn from an invited guest and the other participants. After the meeting you get access to the recording and a written documentation.

Investment: Laja Breakfast Club is free of charge, your only investment is your time and energy.

3 March 2020
How to create change for a sustainable future
8.45 to 9.45 AM

Johannah Bernstein is a human ecologist and international environmental lawyer who has been advising the UN, national governments (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and others), international NGOs and the private sector on a wide range of global sustainability issues for the past 30 years. Her love for the mountains brought her to Switzerland in 2009; since then Johannah has devoted this chapter of her life to raising public awareness about the impact of climate change on mountains. Johannah is currently collaborating on a film project with Johan Rockström and Xavier and Beanie de le Rue about the impacts of climate change on the 3 Poles (Arctic, Antarctica and Tibet). Johannah lives in Montagnier, Switzerland, with her two Golden Retrievers and her wonderful team of interns. When she is not advocating for sustainability, Johannah is either skiing in the backcountry or swimming in alpine glacial lakes.

Johannah will share her knowledge about the current state of our planet and what actions that are currently being undertaken by governments, the private sector as well as within cities and communities around the world. We will also explore what steps each one of us can take to reduce our footprints.

This session will be conducted in English.