Johanna is our happy sunbeam. She is a bundle of energy who, by her presence, commitment and will to change things contributes to making a course in entrepreneurship into a life journey, a development project into a part of the whole, and who, through her own journey, is able to see the potential in every individual. She also has the insight to know that that this all starts within the individual. Johanna is a network specialist who builds bridges between people and organizations, both at home in Sweden and out in the wider world.

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Our witty, cheerful lark. She is cleverer than most, and has the capacity to hear what is not said. Lovisa is the process leader, organizer and event manager. With great instinct, she ensures that the events she produces always feel special for all involved and that concept-development processes are both secure and reassuring, always reaching the final goal. As a mentor with experience from working as a business coach, she always manages to include the multitude in the development processes, as well as smaller-scale dialogue.

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Our humming breeze. Anna is calm, humility and security personified. She combines speed with structure and always maintains a keen eye for detail. She has tremendous experience of everything from coaching young entrepreneurs, developing ideas, creating innovative festival concepts to identifying creative financing solutions. Anna loves to create and solidly embodies the attitude of “how hard can that be?”

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